6 Easy Ways to Promote Your Ezine Articles


If you think you can't brand yourself because you're not a majorcorporation, think again.

You can easily establish yourself as an expert by writingquality articles and submitting them to ezines and directories.

Even if you think you aren't an article writer, you can stillcreate quality articles to help you promote your writing, whether it's your latest novel, ebook, freelancing or business.

First, there are two types of articles that are easy for anyoneto write: lists and step-by-step instructions.

Second, write what you know. If you know your subject well, whether it's fiction, business or auto mechanics, you havehundreds, maybe thousands of topics you can write about.

Make your information valuable. No one knows your subject theway you do. Give it your unique perspective.

Once you've written that great article, you need to find placesto promote it. It doesn't matter how good your article is if noone reads it.

There are several ways you can do this.

2. Archive it on your site. Make your article available fromyour site for newsletter publishers to download. Giveinstructions on how to download your articles. Make it as easyas possible to download your articles.

3. Create a subscription box on your site. With your own list, you can easily blast your articles to 100s of ezine publisherswho want to read and publish your work.

4. Promote to article directories. There are some terrificarticle directories where you can post your articles.

Many of these sites will give you plenty of exposure for yourwriting.

Below are some of my favorites sites:

To keep your latest work in front of publishers, make sure yousubmit regularly. Weekly is usually a good schedule, and somewill allow you to post more than one article at a time.

Some of these sites also have newsletter directories, so don'tforget to add your newsletter while your there. This will giveyou even more promotion.

5. Post to mailing lists. Mailing lists on the busier sites willgive you lots of exposure, especially with those publishers whodon't have time to visit the article directories.

To find groups, do a search using key words like article lists, writing articles, etc.

I would recommend you check out Shelley Lowery's groups atYahoo. She has several, and all of them have at least severalhundred members.

6. Create your own list of ezine publishers. Below are threedirectories where you can find information on ezines thatpublish articles. You can easily use the key word search to findezines in your area.

(I used these directories to create my own lists.)

The beauty of publishing free articles is that it will give youlots of free publicity. Once you have a system in place, it'svery easy to put your work in front of millions. Getting newcustomers to your site is what it's all about, right?


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