How You Can Raise Your Business Earnings By 50% With An Age-Old Magic Truth


Imagine increasing your business earnings by 30, 40, or 50%.And this just by putting into use a fundamental truth of life. Manygreat men of history have used this truth in turning aroundtheir fortunes.

You must understand that our world is governed with basic principles which if used right can produce amazing results. These are truths that have been since life began. You can also profit with them in anything you choose in life. In this article you'll discover how you can build you home business with one of these basic truths.

But what is this fundamental truth? It is this simple truth:"Ask And You Shall Receive." It is that simple. But I must addvery powerful. It is a truth that has been a long, long time. And more so it comes from an authority higher than any of us - God's own word. Many have failed because they failed to put itto their advantage.

You must understand that there is a magic in asking. Nature isso organized that those who step out boldly to ask what they wantalways receive. You must therefore learn to reprogram yourselfof any inhibiting factor like; the fear of rejection, contrarybelief systems and lack of confidence, that could hinder you fromprofiting with this fundamental truth.

In this article I present some ways you can build your internethome business using this age old truth.

1. Ask About Your Potential Customers/Clients:

It is an established fact that the success of any businessventure is hinged on its customers. Whatever your service orproduct doesn't matter. What matters is how much thatproduct/service can heal or solve the pains of your potentialcustomers.

And how do you know their pains? How do you knowtheir challenges or what they want to accomplish? This is wherethe age long truth comes handy. By simply asking your potentialcustomers, you can truly understand and appreciate their needs. And therefore offer the right solution. Ensure however thatyou ask with a sincere heart. Focus on helping your potentialclient/customer. To really get the right results you must buildtrust. And except your potential client/customer is able to seea sincere desire on your part to help, this trust can not beestablished. So boldly step out with a sincere heart and askabout your potential customers

2. Ask For Testimonials From Satisfied Clients:

Online the power of testimonials is magic. Studies already showthat including testimonials in your presentations increases thechances of success. Whether in your emails or web-copies. Itis just a matter of putting the herd mentality to your own gain. Now to receive these powerful testimonials you need to ask forthem. When you have offered a great service

or delivered agreat product that has made your customer really happy, ask to begiven a written testimonial. You may want your customer to dothe writing, or you do it while the customer endorses it. Whatever route you take, asking in the first place can increaseyour earnings by not less than 30%.

3. Ask For Referrals:

Everyone in business knows that profitability is about keepingyour overheads low while increasing your earnings. One of theeasiest and least-expensive ways you can grow your business isthrough referrals from your existing customers. More so, peopletend to do business with those who were referred by a friend, anacquaintance or family member. You can therefore capitalize onthis by asking your existing customers for referrals. Put inplace a system that helps you to continuously ask your customersto help you prosper with this powerful marketing strategy.

4. Ask For Feed Back:

Asking to know about your customers and offering them theservices/products to heal their pains is only part of yourmarketing strategy. There should be a way of knowing if yourproduct/service were able to meet your customer's needs. This issimply your feed back system. Asking your customers for theirfeed back will help you in no small measure in improving yourproducts/services. And therefore your profits. So putting thisfundamental truth into use can help you to increase yourearnings. So why not ask for feed back.


The magic of asking is indeed outstanding. History testifies tothis. And you can grow your business through it. Ask to knowabout your clients, ask to know how useful you are to them andwhen they are satisfied with your products ask for theirtestimonials and for referrals. That is a sure magic to increaseyour profits by another 50%.

To your success,

Chadrack Irobogo

Copyright © by Chadrack Irobogo 2005. All rights reserved.

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