The Effective Executive


What does it mean to be an "effective executive"? Well very simply it means achieving the goals you set out to achieve in an efficient, creative and effortless manner. Some of the benefits that ensue from this self efficacy are: feelings of self confidence, self esteem, self worth, a sense of personal empowerment, feeling invigorated and passionate about everything you choose to do, a sense of resilience, more energy, personal emotional and physical health and for some a great sense of purpose.

How much of the time do you feel any or all of these? Surveys I have done over the last several years suggest that most executives feel "effectve", as defined above, only about 30 percent of the time on average. When I learned this I realized how much untapped potential there still is waiting to be unleashed from the business sector. Why is so much potential being wasted?

With over 20 years of experence working with such individuals it has become exceedingly clear to me that the biggest problem lies in the ability of such executives to courageously address the many limiting negative beliefs and emotions that they carry around inside of them. Now by "address" I do not mean engaging in some form of psychotherapy. My experience has also shown me that such a journey has significant limitations for individuals who desire immediate results in their lives and work. Additionally "therapy" often assumes that there is something wrong with such individuals. In my view this is not correct.

It has been my experience that each of us has enormous potential to be effective and to acheive beyond our wildest dreams. In other words we are individuals with tremendous abilities to achieve. To say anything else is unfortunately a denial of who we all feel we are deep inside. Hence it is with such a recognition that I would like to suggest that the problem is not "with us" but with the negative beliefs and emotions "inside of us" that are limiting us from being all we can be.

In recent case studies using a new modality called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) which I developed to address this very problem I have shown that it is entirely possible to completely dissolve such limiting beliefs and emotions from our lives. The results have been nothing but miraculous. To know more you are invited ot visit the web site below.


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