Use the Power of Ezines to Increase Web Site Traffic!


If you don't have a list of your own then take advantage ofsomeone else's to increase web site traffic!

What if I told you that there is a cost effective way toincrease web site traffic and get your ads in front of anaudience of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, or even 50,000 targeted, eager-to-buy, people?

Would you be interested?

I thought you would be?

The answer is not that hard; in fact it is pretty simple. It isone of the most effective ways to advertise on the internet. Thelittle secret is utilizing ezines to promote your product, service, or newsletter.

You see, there are thousands of ezines and newsletters on theinternet that will allow you to advertise in them. This is apowerful tool that can increase web site traffic and get yourads in front of thousands of people. Best of all these arepeople that have an interest in your niche! Because they havewillingly signed up to receive the ezine that you are going toplace an ad in.

If you sell widgets then you need to find ezines that talk aboutthe widget industry. The beautiful thing about placing asponsor/solo ad in an ezine is that you are, in essence, performing a joint venture. In some ways it is better than ajoint venture because you do not have to share the revenue withsomeone. You simply pay to run the ad and then wait to get theresults.

In order to effectively utilize ezine ads to increase web sitetraffic, you need to focus on 2 things.


The first key to effective ezine advertising is to locate ezinesthat are in the same industry as your product or service. Youcertainly do not want to place an ad about fishing equipment inan ezine about online marketing!

In my opinion, the best place to search for ezines is theDirectory of Ezines. It is the largest and oldest directory onthe web.

In the DOE (Directory of Ezines) you will find thousands ofezines. I am sure that you will be able to find some in yourniche market. If not, and yours is an in demand market, thenthere is an opportunity to start your own ezine! We will savethat for another article?

Do some research and find out how large their mailing list is, how often they send out their publication, and how much theadvertising cost.

I would suggest buying ads in as many as you can afford andtracking the results to see how effective each has been. Whenyou find one that converts well then you know you will be ableto go back to that one over and over again!

Now that we have located the ezines that we want to advertisein, it is time to take a look at the second factor forsuccessful ezine promotion.


In order for ezine advertising to effectively increase web sitetraffic you must have a terrific ad that pulls people in andmakes them click. If you are advertising in a targeted ezinefor your market, you already have a laser targeted audience. Thetrick is to get them interested enough in your ad to force themto click through to your site.

Mainly, there are two types of ads in an ezine:

1. Solo Ad
2. Sponsor Ad

First, let's discuss the solo ad. This is usually the mostexpensive ad to run in an ezine. The reason for this is becauseit is the only ad on that page. These are also the mosteffective ads to use in ezine advertising. Focus Now? These adsare going to every subscriber for that ezine as a solo email! Itis almost as if the person that publishes the ezine is promotingthe product for you.

There are 3 ways to lay this ad out that work really well.

1. Compile the email like a mini-sales letter. Make sure thatyou use direct response tactics that will get the clicks.

2. Put the ad in the form of a brochure that provides the potentialcustomer with valuable information about the product or service. Try to make them think that this is a product they can't livewithout.

3. This is my favorite! Write the ad in the form of anarticle that endorses the product or service. Give examples ofhow you have used the product or service successfully in yourbusiness. Make the article an Advertorial? These work reallywell. Most people like good information, so supply them withsome.

The second form of ezine ads is the sponsor ad. Usually, thereare three sponsor ads in an ezine, the top sponsor ad, themiddle sponsor ad, and the bottom sponsor ad. The top ad isusually the most expensive but you get the best conversion!

The middle sponsor ad would be the next in line in cost andconversion with the bottom ad being the cheapest and leastconverting ad. You need to do whatever your budget will allow, but I would strongly suggest a top sponsor ad if you are goingto use sponsor ads.

Sponsor ads need to be written much like a classified ad. Makesure that it applies solid direct response principles, becausethe goal is to get the click!

Many ezines also have free classifieds that you can put your adsin. I would encourage you to utilize these as well. The moreyou get your name in front of people the more and more hits youwill begin to see on your site.

One last thing! Make sure that you track all of the ads yourun. When you find an ad that generates a great conversion thenexpand your marketing methods using that same ad. You will alsofind that some of these ezines perform better than others whenit comes to conversion, so track it!

Ezine advertising will increase web site traffic! It has been aproven marketing method for me and I am sure that it can be foryou as well. If you will take these tips and use them as aguide then your sales will explode. Remember, not all ezines arecreated equal, so keep looking until you find the ones that getyou the clicks you're looking for.


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