Fishing For Ezine Subscribers


The Bible tells the tale of the fishermen who were just not catching a thing. Jesus came along and told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat, which they did. Surprise! They caught so many fish their nets began to tear.

Jesus had a strategy. He thought outside the box. And he knew where to go. Of course, when you're God, you tend to know a lot of things.

Step # 2: Get lots of traffic to your site. The Internet traffic gurus will tell you to attract only TARGETED traffic. But, with SR, any traffic will do. 1000 non-targeted visitors might be useless to you, but they will trigger 4000 appearances of your ezine notice to targeted visitors of other sites. Get the most targeted traffic possible, yes, but whatever you do, get traffic. More on this later.

Step # 3: Get sub-affiliates, and get lots of them. Every time web sites you referred get visitors to their sites, you earn three credits. So 1000 visitors to www. Looky-who-I-referred. com means YOUR ezine gets seen by 3000 targeted visitors at other sites.

Step # 4: Replace some of the SR codes with Subscriber Drive codes. What's the difference? Not much. They are almost identical. You can see how SD works at www. TheHappyGuy. com/self-actualization-articles. html . Why use both? Two reasons.

First, you don't want to run out of targeted subscribers. For instance, if you run an Internet marketing newsletter, you don't want one service to run out of similar sites on which to display your ezine and start showing it to visitors of vampire-slaying sites.

Second, if you can get multiple credits for each visitor to your site ... if you stagger the two services along the well-worn surfing routes. I have SR code on my home page, and SD code on my Self-actualization Resource Center, where the largest number of home page visitors tend to gravitate.

Let's start thinking way outside the box.

5. How do you get big traffic to your site? Suppose, for instance, your ezine and web site are about Internet marketing, competing with 4.5 million savvy entries on Google. Slim chance getting a top ten ranking, or even a top 100 ranking.

Consider your hobbies. Suppose you like horseback riding. Why not have a page on horseback riding, optimized for a couple juicy equestrian keywords, where you compete with just 700,000 not so savvy web sites? What does horseback riding have to do with Internet marketing? Everything, if it is about the publisher (you!). You might also post a page on Italian cuisine, where your keyword optimization competes with only 200,000 other Google entries. These could both be under "About the publisher".

Jesus could help you catch way more subscribers than I can. But until he offers some alternatives, these are the steps you can take to turbo boost your subscriber catch.


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