Do You Long To See Your Books Published And Selling From The Major Chains?


To have your work accepted for hard copy publication is a thrilling achievement but to have it bomb at the bookstores is to see your reputation go down the tubes simultaneously.

And so to avoid this unpleasant scenario, I have developed over the years a series of 160 vital steps; steps that not only get my books published and into the major chains but selling online and offline as bestsellers in their genre.

How's this for convincing evidence of the power of these unique steps?

My latest work 'Your Retirement Masterplan' (How To Books ISBN 1857039874) is not only published but already an online bestseller just three weeks after publication. It ranks at No.3 out of 3142 competitive titles on Amazon. co. uk - proof positive that it is also selling from the shelves of major book chains world wide.

How can I claim that?

Here's how:

Amazon is an amazingly accurate online barometer of what is happening with book sales offline? as is confirmed by the highly encouraging initial sales statement from my publisher.

What I have learned above all in the development of my 160 Vital Steps is that there are no random events on the road to successful publication. Everything is pre-planned; everything progresses in logical pre-ordained sequence; from sketching out an initial outline to acceptance and publication in hard copy format.

Now I am offering these '160 Vital Steps to Getting Published' in the shape of a virtual toolbox which can be downloaded and installed in seconds.

Here is a small sample from a random selection of just 10 out of the 160 vital steps you will be following sequentially in your quest to become a published author in the realms of niche non-fiction:

o How to crash through the barriers that hold you back from getting your work accepted by traditional publishing houses

o How to take a topic of your own choosing and transform it into a self-help or how-to book that will be snatched off the bookstore shelves by eager enthusiasts

o How to cash in on the magic power of introspection and produce work that that leaves competitive titles languishing in the shade

o How to benefit from cultivating your dynamic innate intuition by using quick and easy techniques on a daily basis

o How to grasp great ideas as they occur even when they strike at 3am on a cold winter's morning

o How you will consistently churn out potential bestsellers by taking ten minutes out each day to listen to your inner voice

o How to uncover the little-known mystery ingredient that cannot help but lead to bestseller status and how to employ it in everything you write

o How to impress commissioning editors and have them climbing over one another to sign you up on a contract for publication

o How to milk the system and open the door to a myriad of high-earning incremental opportunities

o How to use personal promotion to have your books displayed and selling from 1000s of highly targeted websites

Does the prospect of incorporating 160 vital steps into your writing sound like too much work?

If that's the case, my kindly advice would be to forget you ever read this article.

This is not for you?

This toolbox is designed for writers consumed by a passion to see their work displayed on and selling from the shelves of major book chains world wide; writers who are prepared to invest some well-spent time to ensure that their writing contains maximum credibility not only for commissioning editors but more importantly, for end users: cash paying readers.


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