Why Writers Dont Do a Book Signing


Whenever someone suggests you do a book signing and you do not want to, here are five reasons you can give them:

1) It's not worth the time; there's not enough money in it.

2) Speaking is where the money is.

3) You have more important things to do.

4) When you do a book-signing, maybe nobody will show up andyou'll feel foolish sitting there all alone.

5) There are other ways to sell books.

Then, again, there are five good reasons why all authorsshould do a book signing and a book-signing tour.

By conducting a book-signing you will:

1. Gain recognition. When you do a book signing in abookstore, you will be interacting with the people who sellyour books to the general public. It's an opportunity todevelop a rapport with them, tell them about the book, andconvince them that you are an expert on the subject. Thenwhen someone asks for a book on your topic, they are likelyto recommend yours. Don't settle for bookstores. Look forplaces where readers of your book are likely to gather andschedule an event there. That place might be a store, craftshop, pro shop, spa, festival, or health care center. Dosome brainstorming with your staff and friends.

2. Gather input from readers. When you step into thebook-signing arena, you have an opportunity to interact withreaders. You are the center of attraction, since you are theauthor/expert. By providing a mini-seminar or discussion, you give a sneak preview of your book and your expertise. Add a question and answer segment and you will learn whatinterests the readers most. It may be the beginning of asequel.

4. Conduct media interviews. The most successful booksignings have the most publicity. Since your schedule isgenerally set up at least six weeks in advance, you havetime to approach radio talk show hosts and producers, television stations, and newspapers to let them know thatyou will be in their city. A well-thought out Media Releaseis a must. It should contain information about the book, theauthor, and the event.

Add the adventure of book signing and book-signing tours to your marketing list to create memorable moments that far exceed routine marketing methods.


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