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In this article we will discuss advertising in other companies' newsletters and how it can be as equally beneficial.

By advertising in other newsletters, you can reach anaudience which is highly targeted and cost effective. Moreover, you can never be accused of spamming as all therecipients have subscribed to the newsletter.

There are so many newsletters out there covering so many different topics that it's easy to find highly targeted ones to advertise in. So if you've matched the newsletter to the product you're selling, you've reached your target audience.

Almost all newsletters are archived, thousands of peopleread these archives, and your ad will be seen by thesepeople at no extra cost. This can bring in exposure andextra sales on a long term basis.

Newsletter publishers may have already developed a trust betweenthemselves and their readers. Just by placing your ad in thenewsletter, it's more likely to be read because it appearsin a publication they like and trust.

Newsletter advertising is not only effective, it's cheap aswell. A 5 line ad in a newsletter that goes to 3000 peoplewill cost you between $5 and $25 per issue. With so littlerisk involved, this is definitely worth it.

Just as you can sell advertising, you can also buyadvertising in newsletters. You can use those ads to promoteyour business or to invite people who read newsletters toread your own.

Again, you have to pick your partners carefully. There's nopoint just picking a newsletter with the cheapest rates; youwant to make sure you choose an outlet that appeals to thesame buyers as you. You also need to think about where yourad is going to be placed.

In general, the higher the position the better. And the more the merrier too. Don't expect a huge response from a single ad. It's always best to think of advertising in terms of a campaign.

You'll get a better deal-and better results-if you reserve an advertising position for four or five issues than if you buy them one at a time. I hope this brief introduction will get you thinking about the possibilities!

Chris Ruane


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