Article Distribution: How Will Your Results Vary?


It's not enough to just sit around and expect that yourarticles will bring you a good amount of traffic right afteryou submitted your articles for distribution.

Might as well think of some factors? Is your article worthy tobe reprinted? Do the content and title ring a bell to mostwebmasters and publishers?

Questions like these are just some of the many factors thatcould greatly affect your article distribution results.

Some basic factors are:

1. Topic of your article?

Submitting your article to article sites and articleannouncement groups totally depends on the topic of yourarticle, not all of these sites and groups accept general topicarticles. Some groups (aprox. 30%) are niche orcontent-specific, meaning they only accept articles underspecific topics, e. g. aainet group - accepts only internetrelated articles?

2. Your content

Submission sites are just tools, never think of them as anassurance that once your articles are distributed they are sureto bring you back big results. Article announcement groups andsites are just there to display your articles for readers (Whomight be interested with your articles) and for publishers topick your articles and reprint them in their site or ezine. Thus, getting greater results totally depends on your article, how interesting it is to readers and how it gets thepublisher's attention/interest to make them publish it.

My advice, do not just write an article for the sake ofdistributing it and hoping to get traffic out of it. Write anarticle that will surely give you results after using thearticle distribution services and sites as tools fordistribution.


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