Learn the Five Facts Why Ezine Is the Ultimate Promotion Tool!


What you are about to read will change your way ofpromoting your products or services. Now that I got yourattention, I will share to you six facts why ezine is theultimate promotion tool.

Most of the people that promote a product or service doesn'tmake money online. Even if you promote to millions of peoplethat opt-in on safelists, ffas, or email blasts. Majority ofthe times, they will just delete your message and considerit as junk mail. I have tried them all. There is only onetechnique that is very effective "Ezines or WeeklyNewsletter Marketing."

1. An ezine is the perfect way to stay in touch with yourclients and prospects on a regular basis.

Unless you continually follow up with clients and prospects, they'll soon forget about it. But imagine calling or writingeach and everyone of your clients and prospects every week! That would be nearly impossible to pull off.

Well, an ezine achieves the same goal. Keeping you on theirradar screens, but in an unobtrusive way. This constantcontact makes these folks more likely to think of YOU, notsomeone they heard about yesterday, when they need to hire acoach.

2. An ezine allows you to effortlessly spread the word aboutyou and your business.

If you write a decent ezine, your readers will be verylikely to pass it on to friends and colleagues. Have a "tella friend message" on top of your ezines or a pop up saying,"if you think that this newsletter benefited you, pleasetell a friend and send to visit...(your website)." This iscalled viral marketing.

Most publishers begin with only a few dozen subscribers whoare their clients and associates. But after several months, you can have thousands of readers on your list.

3. Publishing an ezine positions you as an expert in yourfield.

By showing your knowledge and skills, you're likely toattract more and better clients. And by sharing what youknow well. Sharing information to your clients about yourproducts or service will give them more reasons why theyshould order from you and willing to buy from you in thefuture.

4. An ezine is the ideal way to capture the email addressesof your web visitors.

If I visit your site today but aren't ready to buy from youtoday, you've likely lost me forever when I click away. Butif you invite me to sign up for your free newsletter thatfeatures helpful information on the topic at hand, I'll behappy to sign up. There are so many newsletters that I cansign up to that offer the same service. But if you have agood reason, like "If you sign up to our FREE weeklynewsletter, you will receive tips, techniques, and easy waysto help your business make money from internet marketers. And if you sign up today, you will receive a free ebook on......."

Now you've got me to market to, over and over, as long asyou continue to give me the practical content you promised. This is especially powerful because statistics show thatconsumers don't usually purchase a product or service untilafter they've seen multiple messages about it.

5. An ezine is cheap and easy to publish - especiallycompared with a print newsletter.

If you were to produce and mail a snazzy looking printednewsletter, you could easyily spend thousands of dollarseach year. But an ezine is essentially FREE to put togetherand publish. It just takes a bit of your time.

You can make it as long or short as you'd like. Some of thebest ezines, I get feature with only one tip per issue. Makesure it's simple.


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