Book of Lists Marketing for Pressure Washing Companies


The American Business Journals produces a Book of Lists each year in their many markets, it is wise for pressure washing companies to use this book of lists to find new clientele. The book of lists, lists the top companies in size in all industry sectors. Since pressure washing companies clean almost anything, it behooves them to use the book to selectively target the top companies to do business with.

A combination of phone and fax selling works best to secure personal appointments. Below is a rough idea of how our company uses the book of lists for new sales. If you own a pressure washing company you should too. You may wish to copy this article and three-hole punch it for your marketing binder. Think about it and Wash On !

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Personal Car Washing -

Skip those businesses with less than 25 employees

Business Parks, Commercial Buildings, Property Management Companies -

Fax to them every quarter

Make personal visit every 6 months

Contractors -

Fax fleet flyers every 4 to 6 months

Franchise Headquarters -

Stay away from franchise headquarters that are in our industry or are in a service business

Day Care Centers, Senior Care/Retirement Living Facilities -

Fax every 6 months

Boat/Marine Industry -

Fax 1 time each year and visit 1 time per year

Hotels, Motels -

Fax every 6 months

Travel Agencies -

Skip for 6 months to one year after Sept 2001 attack on America

Manufacturing -

Call purchasing and facilities departments every 6 months

House Washing -

Fax every 3 - 4 months

Apartment Complexes -

Fax in October and February

** Watch for duplicate fax numbers. Some companies own for example 5 hotels, 2 office complexes, 5 restaurants. They only need one fax. Such companies should also get a personal visit. Always call and get permission to fax first and a name to put at the top of the fax so it gets to the right person.


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